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The Shula Group

The Shula group started as a journey, not quite knowing exactly which road we were we going to take, but always knowing where we wanted to go. And more than anything, knowing that we were never going to be confined, put in a box, or limit ourselves. We will always be open to giving more. Being creative of nature, we have realised that creativity needs structure, but not boundaries. 

The Shula group is not a person. It is a movement. It breaks boundaries in the sense that it may not always make sense to you. Our combinations are fresh, different and diverse. The link is however always creative. Organised. And changing. 

As you get to know us better, you will soon see the tread that weaves the different sections of the group together. 



Here is a few chapters in our story so far - 


Shula projects, our project management business entity offers Project management of infrastructure development projects in communities.


Our focus over the years have moved into the space of Early Childhood Development, and we have become experts in either setting up, renovating or expanding centres to comply with the Department od Social Development minimum requirements.


With our own Builder that has worked with us from day 1, prefered engineer, architect and other service providers, projects run smoothly, is structured for maximum impact and makes a huge difference. 


We prefer to work with centres that are part of a structured learning program, as we do believe that without that, any investment is pure cosmetic and have very little chance of being sustained, and therefore wasted. 

For more information on projects, please visit our Shula-Projects page or email


We love beautiful things and are constantly amazed by our local talent and we want to share our finds with you. 

As strong camp fighters for buying local, we will be adding more awesome products as we grow our shop. 


Artists interested in being featured, or retails interested in placing bulk orders, please contact the shop team on 


To support local art, visit our shop page


Knoop Academy NPC is our non-profit entity. Knoop is registered with the FP&M Seta. Our passion is for skills development within the artisan sector. 

Knoop was an idea, born long ago, more than 10 years ago and almost forgotten. It was not its time. But when the time was right, the opportunity came to us, and we love every minute of it. 

At Knoop we see waste as a way to change a life. Our creative team at has an eye for potential, not just for our learners, but also for your post-production waste. 


Training programs are never done in isolation, we partner with other organisations to offer learners a holistic personal, skills and business development investment in to their future. We want them to become fully self-sustainable and independant - we will not always be there, or able to 'save' them. 

We chose our donors carefully. We want to partner with likeminded people that believe in our learners. That want to track their progress, want to see them succeed and want them off the dependancy grid over 2 years. 

If you need a wise place to invest your Skills Development Funding and a creative eye to look at your Post-production Waste, mail our team at or visit the Knoop Academy page for more information on projects. 


We never know when the next opportunity will present itself to grow our group! 

While you are waiting, make sure to read our blog posts

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