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If we view a community as a country, ideally money should come in from the outside via ‘export’ to grow the local internal economy. If sewing, carpentry or other similar projects only serve the local community it does help the community to an extent, no one can deny that. If however your market place consists of mostly unemployed locals, the growth opportunities are very limited. This severely hampers the long-term sustainability of the projects and they are often abandoned after a few years.


What if there was a reliable platform available in South Africa where designers can connect with community projects, knowing they are well trained, monitored and supported. In return there is a clear cost calculation structure, preventing any abuse from either side and a mediator in case of a dispute?

We also have a huge manufacturing sector in South Africa that need to spend money on Skills, Enterprise and Supplier development, but struggle to find projects that are suitable, sustainable and really worth it. We all know getting the B-BBEE points does not necessarily mean you have transformed a life.

Our newly elected President, President Cyril Ramaphosa said in his State of the Nation Address on 16 February 2017 that Government will introduce a localisation program for products like textiles, furniture and water meters to be produced locally. We are extremely excited to be part of this vision.  


Our program not only benefits the community, but have been structured to fit in with the B-BBEE codes and offer corporates the opportunity to invest in our program and earn points in the following elements - 

  1. Skills Development

  2. Enterprise Development

  3. Corporate Social Development


We believe in partnerships and this program will be further developed through a network of people  already doing great work in the fields they specialise in. There is no need to reinvent the wheel; we want to align wheels to all pull together in the same direction.

We are looking forward to setting up partnerships that will help us realise our main objective –

Making people with an artisan talent feel worthy through

empowerment to become  economically self-sustainable


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