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Knoop Academy NPC -FP&M SETA Accredited Training
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Restoring the Self Worth of women through Skills and Economic Development


We are passionate about the development of artisan skills in our country and am aware of the potential in this area. As part of our philosophy to share our creativity, we would like to introduce you to the Non-Profit section of The Shula group.


KNOOP Academy NPC ( 2017/ 523657/ 08) was founded by Brenda Scheepers in an effort to increase the capacity of marginalised artisans. Our function therefor is to work with existing programs and offer them the support and training to increase their level of skill, quality of their work and their market share.

As an added bonus, we aim at structuring our programs around post-production waste. We therefor not only offer our clients measurable Skills Development solutions, but also a solution for waste, that would otherwise end up in landfill. 

KNOOP Academy NPC is registered with the FP&M Seta

(Provider Accreditation Number - FPM17/PRPACC-138/ ETQA ID 754)


Many community sewing, carpentry, beadwork, etc. projects have been set up by well-meaning NPO’s and individuals. The program generally consists of a skills development phase and possibly basic business training before women/ men are sent back to their communities to make a living for themselves. Some programs offer mentorship for a few months but very few offer marketing support or opportunities beyond the boundaries of the township. A few result in formal employment or a self-stainable income on a long term basis. Programs often creates a dependancy on the orginisation, which is not sustainable. 


Our sole purpose is to develop crafters to operate independantly from us. As Brenda always tell her crafters in class - "If I am hit by a bus, it must not result in the end of you business". This development is done in conjuction with other specialised training providers to ensure learners have been shifted in the following areas - 

  • As a human taking responsibility for their own future

  • A business women knowing how to manage money, budgets, clients, etc

  • As a well skilled crafter that knows how to cost, present and sell well made products to different markets


Knoop is the Afrikaans translation of the word Knot. Whether you are knitting, sewing, crocheting or most other likewise crafts, the knot when you start is one of the most important aspects of your work. It needs to be - 

  1. Strong

  2. Neat

  3. Fit for purpose

We are striving towards being the strong knot at the beginning of a life changing journey for our crafters..

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